Discover your life story and experience the power of your words and wisdom

Sharing Spiritual autobiography in a circle setting is a transformative and revealing – if not magical, process.  Our intention is to write about our life experience from a spiritual perspective. The obvious but perhaps unexpected first question that arises is “what is Spirit” and all that entails?

Your spiritual storyline is the underlying thread which imbues your life experience with meaning and purpose.  Whatever your transition, this writing process will help you identify key elements of your spiritual journey which provide:

  • Clarification of personal values
  • Awareness of beliefs and how and when they shift
  • The power to change our past as a result of writing and sharing from the core.

Learn to apply the wisdom you have gathered to your current life choices, such as career, relocation, midlife, aging or new direction.

“Using drawing, writing and group sharing we begin the process of discovering and writing spiritual autobiography. When you create from your center you are dealing with what is essential in your life’s experience. Your writing work – your creative work – is soulful work.”


SA has changed my life. By writing about my early childhood experience I was able to look at those early years in a different light.  I was finally able to feel the emotions that had been blocked for so long.  I have a new relationship with my sister and we actually are having conversations. WS

SA isn’t so much about where we’ve been as much as receiving guidance about where we are going. ES

Reading to the group and receiving full attention and feedback is so valuable…   it actually shifts my feelings about my writing, which is a good thing and in the right direction. PP

We become “more accepting of the past and it makes us less fearful of the future.” JF

“Good memories trump the bad ones”SS

“The best part was listening to everyone else’s story and finding a piece in each one that echoed my experience.”DW

For dates of upcoming workshops check EVENTS or contact me directly.  Online and in person throughout 2014.



Is it time to re-think your career direction?

If you are unsure of your career direction, feeling stuck, or in a transition, this two part program will help you create a clearly defined career objective and find meaningful work. Working with Deborah, will put you on the path to a new life with purpose and passion. Part One “Finding your True North” will help you define your career objective.

Through this program you will:

  • Tell Your Story and gain insight about overall trends in your life, significant and informative events that shape your unique vision and contributions.
  • Define Your Core Competencies and be able to market your strengths and knowledge to present yourself effectively.
  • Redefine your Passion, Preferences and Purpose to identify guiding values, areas of interest and options to pursue.
  • Goal Setting to help you create a life worth living that provides balance and harmony in your newly designed future.
  • Pull Your Profile Together  bringing all the elements of your assessment and plan together with a visual image and
  • Create a Life Work Objective that can be identified and researched using networking, informational interviewing and harnessing the power of the internet.

“If you find yourself in transition in life, Deborah is the one that can help you to find your new direction.”

Beth Schecher, Social Media Consultant, Schecher Management Consulting


The next stage in the program includes resume writing, job search strategies and interviewing techniques for “Putting Your Sprit to Work in the Marketplace.”   This program will provide you with the tools and the ability to create a meaningful strategy using the latest job finding techniques or to create new opportunities.  With this follow-up or stand-alone program you will:

  • Create a resume that presents your relevant experience, interest and qualifications specific to the new field you have identified.
  • Learn techniques for conducting market research including informational interviewing and networking
  • Develop a comprehensive Job Search Strategy for pursuing your goal of gainful employment using the internet, social media and a personal marketing  plan.  

“In the midst of my mid-life crisis (42), Deborah was highly effective at helping me focus on a new career that best utilized a career’s worth of skills and strengths.

As a result of her compassionate and insightful coaching, I successfully made the transition. With Deborah’s help I was able to follow my passions.”

Brian Goeselt


If you are yearning for more at mid life, want to leave a personal legacy, and want to continue to generate additional income this program is for you. Boomers have set the stage in the past for new trends, and the notion of continuing meaningful work rather than traditional retirement has a great deal of appeal. This program will help you gain clarity, motivation and a strong sense of purpose which can be translated into paid work, volunteer commitment, enjoyable leisure activities or leaving a personal legacy. Given this reflective stage of life, there is an added dimension to seek and gain spiritual understanding and insight.  Exercises will help you

  • Conduct an overall assessment of your current comfort level using the Wheel of Life addressing the following key areas:

Employment (or entrepreneurial activity) Discovering options

Health & Wellness – Identify and manage key practices that work for you

Financial Literacy – Understand what you need to know

Socializing & Volunteering – Create new relations and activities or rebuild the old ones

Housing, Safety & Transportation – Identify current and future criteria and needs

Caregiving – Understand how this critical role can upset the best of plans and develop a strategy for success.

  • Conduct an in-depth assessment and create a plan for those areas that are most compelling to you now, or create a master plan (and see what comes true!)
  • Create a portfolio of activities that will help you restore or create a more balanced and integrated lifestyle using the Wheel of Opportunity
  • Learn to create a Third Age that truly fulfills you.


If you have a business idea, hobby, passion or interest and want to transform it into an enterprise, this program is for you. Utilizing some of the steps outlined in the Career & Life Work Planning Program you will receive a customized approach for further developing your idea. The exercises will help you:

  • Identify your strengths and weaknesses in being a successful business owner
  • Identify the gaps in requirements and opportunities for outsourcing weaknesses
  • Develop a strong statement of products, services and business model
  • Assess the marketability of your idea by conducting market research
  • Identify important “next steps” to determine the economic viability of your idea.

If you’re an existing business owner and have lost your passion or focus you will benefit from this program as well.  Learn tips for resonating with your business by understanding your Myers-Brigss Type Indicator (MBTI)  profile and how to leverage your strengths and weaknesses.  By evaluating your business objectives and current practices, learn to identify new markets or revise products and services for existing customers. 

 “Deborah is a wonderful resource. She has a great, down to earth coaching style and broad expertise. She works well with people and truly understands the needs and concerns of the small business owner.”

Jude Gilford, Owner, Money Awareness Program LLC



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