Websites and Updates – Put Your Spirit to Work

Part 1 – Putting Your Spirit to Work in the Twenty-First Century


Dan Pink

Caroline Myss

Part 2 – Finding Your True North: Creating a Life Work Objective

Step 1 – Telling Your Story

Life Work Transitions


Career Interest Game

Combination of MBTI & Career Interests

Bureau of Labor Statistics

Step 2 – Defining Core Competencies

Academic Innovations (SCANS Report)

Part 3 – Putting Your Spirit to Work: Exploring the World of Work

Horse Jobs

Researching Career Options Using the Internet


Bureau of Labor Statistics

The Riley Guide

Article Chef

Career Fields

Job Search

Job Star

Bureau of Labor Statistics

Job Titles


The Riley Guide

Professional Associations

IPL2 Special Collections

Professional Journals and Magazines

Nova Southeastern University Professional Journals

Specific Companies and Organizations

Career Builder

Hoovers—A D&B Company

Building Your Network Online and In Person

Social Networking for Job Seekers Job Searching

Informational Interviewing

Quint Careers



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