Websites and Updates

Web Sites and Updates
in the order they appear in Life Work
These sites are accurate as of June 20, 2011.
We apologize for any inconvenience.

PART 1. Putting Your Spirit to Work in the 21st Century
No longer exists
Go to: “Stages of Loss and Failure from Losing a Job”
No longer exists
Replacement: First at


PART 2: Beginners Guide to the Internet

The Best Collection of Sites Relating to Job Search


Search Engines
Notice: When you click on Business and Economy the categories end with Transportation
This search engine is now called and no longer appropriate for our tutorial.
The homepage of this search engine has changed significantly since this book was published. Search categories start with Arts and Entertainment and end with Work and Money. There are specialty searches at the top of the page in News, Shopping and Real Estate as well as “Fast Finds”. Click on Work and Money in the main search directory and then on Jobs, you will find a list starting with For Students and ending with Workplace Issues.
The main list of categories starts with Arts and Entertainment and ends with Travel. Click on Jobs. Then click on Business and you will see a group of categories starting with Accounting and ending with Venture Capital. Click on Employment for niche specific job posting sites followed by general references.

Tutorials for Learning the Internet

Examples of Endings

Logging In is now Career Builder. Click on Move my Resume and you will see a registration form.

Email no longer exists


PART 3 Finding Your True North: Creating Your Personal Mandala

Chapter 1 Telling Your Story no longer exists
Chapter 2 Defining Core Competencies
no longer exists
Chapter 3 Redefining Your Self: Passions, Preferences and Purpose
Chapter 4 Goal Setting: Creating a Life Worth Living
Chapter 5 Pulling Together Your Profile: A Mandala for Success

Part 4 Putting Your Spirit to Work in the Marketplace: Making the Connection

Chapter 6 Exploring the Wide World of Work Through the Internet

Explore What’s Out There
no longer correct


There are now two categories: Business to Business and Shopping and Services.
Print out both of these lists and proceed with directions in the text.
Update! We no longer recommend this site.

Assessment Tests
This is a spoof on the Meyers Briggs Type Inventory and tells you what your career would have been in the Middle Ages. It is very much on target. Try it, and have fun.

Career Fields/Vocational Areas
correction Yahoo! Business and Economy > Employment and Work > Career Fields
Click on a career category and then put an interest in the search window. i.e. Click on the category of law enforcement and type parole officer in the search window.

Job Titles
Click on Careers in the left hand column and then “TPR Career Quiz”
Click on Careers in the left hand colume and then “Find a Career”

Professional Associations

correction A fabulous site.

Magazines and Journals

Educational Requirements You are no longer able type in questions on Altavista.

Research Specific Organizations and Companies
Go to this site and click on appropriate titles.

Chapter 7 Using the Internet to Set Yourself Up for Success



Hoovers Industry Snapshots–to be updated soon,2048,169,00.html

Go to this site and type in “Industry Outlook” in search window. Choose from a number of industry reports.
Scroll down until you see the heading “Industry-Specific Internet Resources.” Click on industry of your choice.

Click on an industry in Industry Colume and then click on “Analysis and Trends”
Scroll down to Careers and Industries and look at the profiles.

Vocational Areas

Specific Job Titles
Click on Careers in left hand colume and then click on “Find a Career”

Professional Associations and Journals
Page no longer exists:

Forums, Lists
Page no longer exists: ( an example of a human resources forum)

Specific Organizations and Companies


Informational Interview


Newspapers and Journals Now CareerBuilder without newspaper search capability.

Homepages of Companies

College Password Job Site

Job Fairs, Real and Virtual

Reviews of Job and Resume Posting Sites
Site no longer exists

Top Job Posting Sites
Monster Board
Career Builder
America’s JobBank
Job Options
Career Mosaic
Career Web
Hot Jobs
NationJob Network

Sample of Industry Specific Job Posting Sites
Non-profits Community Career Center
Page no longer exists:
Social Work NASW Jobs Online
Medicine Doc Job
Accounting AccountingNet
Software Engineer Jobs.Internet.Com
Education Chronicle of Higher Ed
Park Service Nat’l Pk Service Careers
Advertising Adweek Online
Telecommuting Jobs
Mission Driven Talent

More niche or industry specific job posting sites:
Click on Career Fields under National Sites.l
A listing of general and industry specific job posting sites. Listings by Industry

Job Posting Sites in Your Area

Time Saving Web Sites

Chapter 8 The Resume and Cover Letter: The Perfect Introduction
no longer exists

Chapter 9 Winning the Interview

Click on Careers in left hand colume and then click on “Find a Career”


Chapter 10 Your New Beginning

If You Could Only Go to One Site for Each Topic. . .

Ideas for the Future: The Global Ideas Bank:

Search Engine Tutorial: Search Engine Watch:

Comprehensive Tutorial on Using the Internet: UC Berkeley Library
Internet: A Tutorial:

Meta Career Site: The Riley Guide:

Overall Career Service Center: JobSmart:

Comprehensive Assessment: University of Waterloo Career Center:

Assessment Test: The Keirsey Type Sorter: and then

Interest Inventory: Holland Interests Game:

Skills Analysis: Bowling Green Career Center:

Goals: Top Achievement:

Industry Review: Hoovers:

Definitions of Vocations: Occupational Outlook Handbook:

Relevant Vocational Information: America’s Career Infonet:

Specific Job Titles:Human Resources Development Canada:

Salary Information: Wall Street Journal:

Professional Associations: Associations Online:

Professional Journals (Online): News Directory.Com:

Company Research: Researching Companies Tutorial by Deb Flanagan

Resumes: Ten Minute Resume:

Cover Letters: CareerLab Cover Letter Library:

Job Fairs: Career Fairs

Job Posting Site: The Monster Board:

Interviews: Career City:

Maps to the Interview: Yahoo’s Map Service:

Salary Negotiation:Hard@Work:

Advice: BioOnline’s David Jansen:

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