Put Your Spirit to Work: Making a Living Being Yourself



Life Work Transitions - Making a Living Being Yourself - Deborah Knox

PUT YOUR SPIRIT TO WORK: Making a Living Being Yourself provides all that you need to discover your life work direction, your purpose or your legacy. It provides information on how to find meaningful work and thrive in the new world of work.


You have touched on some critical areas that everyone needs to take seriously, i.e.

  • finding a job that’s not a job but an opportunity that fulfills them;
  • keeping skills sharp and learning new skills to keep up with our fast moving society;
  • realizing it’s not all about the money but how change can have a positive impact on life and career.

Rosemary Smith PHR, CWDP, Pima County One Stop Career Center


Do you find yourself

  • overwhelmed by choices; or
  • lacking confidence in your abilities, or are you
  • just plain confused about how to earn a living?

Or maybe you’re just longing to find out what it means for you to be “making a living being yourself.”

Life Work Transitions - Making a Living Being Yourself - Deborah Knox


 For individuals who are currently working but dissatisfied; or individuals who are in transition and looking for ways to increase their satisfaction through work, and finally individuals who have been out of work for too long, it’s never too late to discover and create work that has meaning and purpose.


For many of us baby-boomers who started our careers in a paradigm created by our father’s generation, it can be mind boggling to understand today’s work environment.

In Put Your Spirit to Work, Deborah helps us to not just see how things have changed, but to understand why the changes are beneficial to us, the worker.

Now is the time to embrace the changes and take advantage of the opportunities they offer to our lives.

Beth Schecher, Schecher Management Consulting


Part One: Putting Your Spirit to Work in the 21st Century provides a host of models and tools for people seeking to earn a living in the new world of work. The models included provide insight and valuable information to successfully secure and maintain meaningful employment.

  • Stages of Transitions – successfully land on the other side of your transition with energy and focus
  • Self Actualization in the Workplace – realize that work can help you achieve your basic as well as your higher needs
  • The Stages of Career Development – helps you understand where you’ve been and where you are going as you mature
  • The New Employment Reality , – requires command of 8 principles that reflects the latest requirements in the Challenging world of work
  • Career Management & Self Employment Skills – gain mastery over the top 10 survival skill sets for creating new opportunities in the constantly changing world of work


I can see this book benefiting not only mature workers/baby boomers but future generations of workers who will be entering a totally different workforce than those who went before them.

This book, because of its positive message and encouragement, cannot help but be a success.  It provides an opportunity to individuals to recognize what responsibility for self is all about, as well as offering positive techniques to change negative mind sets and attitudes.

It provides a road map to self-discovery and the art of making good, well thought out, choices.  In addition it provides the reader with the knowledge they are not out there alone, they are of value and there are opportunities in abundance if they are willing to change and move forward.

Rosemary Smith PHR, CWDP, Pima County One Stop Career Center


Part Two: Finding your True North includes our process for centering the individual in themselves to reflect and review past experience in order to create meaningful lifework. The end goal is a practical Lifework Objective that comes from personally defined criteria, such as skills, values, goals and purpose. The model consists of answering 4 key questions, such as

  • What do I enjoy doing and do well? (skills & knowledges)
  • Where will I do my best work? (working conditions)
  • Who do I want to work with and serve (traits & values)
  • Why do I do what I do? (purpose & rewards)

Steps 1 – 5 provide the foundation of the process, for Finding Your True North, a metaphor for clarity and focus, resulting in a Life Work Objective.

Step 1 – Telling your Story offers 4 different tools for getting the big picture overview of your life and interests, plus several on-line self assessments.

Step 2 – Defining Core Competencies ensures the individual fully assesses and owns the functional and transferable skills that are at the heart of the individual’s reinvention process. Learn to combine skills sets in unique ways to maximize your options

Step 3 – Redefining Yourself provides an in-depth review of values, preferences in work settings, level of responsibility desired, and definition of the ideal role to make the greatest contribution. Profound insights around purpose and lifestyle guide future choices.

Step 4 – Goal Setting encourages setting realistic time frames and priorities. By taking an integrated approach to goal setting, learn to create a more sustainable lifestyle that will inform the search process.

Step 5 – Creating a Life Work Objective is the culmination of the self assessment process and the prioritizing of important elements to create more than one researchable career life work objective for pursuing meaningful work.

Part Three: Putting Your Spirit to Work in the Marketplace

And finally, the reader will gain the necessary information to successfully create a personal brand for the purposes of resume writing, networking, informational interviewing and conducting research. The information in the book makes it easier for people to connect online and in person because of they have the utmost confidence in their goal and the knowledge that they will succeed in securing the desired goal.

You will learn to

  •  implement a systematic research strategy to find the perfect match for your ideal Life Work Objective criteria
  • create a spirited resume and branding that reflects your unique criteria
  • build your network in person and online using social media, and
  • research career options using the internet*



Put Your Spirit to Work by Deborah Knox is a blending of the past, the present and the future.

It looks at the past and how various management styles play a part in determining our present and future career path decisions.

Ms. Knox then goes into how to determine where you are now and why that is important to understanding your core competencies.

Finally, by looking at the future you can see where to go to find the dream job you have been searching for.  I highly recommend this for any individual struggling to find their way in today’s difficult social and economic environment.

Lola Kakes, CEO and Founder of Effortless HR, Author of If You Don’t Own a Circus… You Shouldn’t Be Hiring Clowns


Before you even start “looking for a job” learn to gather the best information available about your desired field of interest in order to ensure a great fit. Remember, researching, making connections and successfully finding the right person to interview will help you identify the best opportunities available.

* Researching Career Options Using the Internet
What are the industries that might be interested in my experience & interests?
What information about interests did you glean from the on-line assessments?
What are the actual descriptions of career fields that capture my interests?
What are specific job titles that match my interests and level of skill?
What are the professional associations that reflect my interests and skills?
What are the professional journals?
What are the educational requirements?
What are the specific companies and organizations that interest you?

Don’t wait any longer, purchase your copy now, and think about others who will benefit from all that is included in here!!

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