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Put Your Spirit to Work:

Making a Living Being Yourself

Life Work Transitions - Making a Living Being Yourself - Deborah Knox

The tools and resources included in this book will help people discover their internal motivation and life work direction. It also provides information on how to find meaningful work and thrive in the new world of work.

For individuals who are currently working but dissatisfied; or individuals who are in transition and looking for ways to increase their satisfaction through work, and finally individuals who have been out of work for too long, it’s never too late to discover and create work that has meaning and purpose.

An absolute ‘must-read’ book for anyone who is experiencing a life transition. Deborah Knox provides solid advice, tips, and resources for restructuring your career and life.

She has written a down-to-earth, inspiring, and amazingly useful guide for anyone who needs inspiration and practical wisdom from an expert. I enjoyed reading it very much, and took a lot of the advice to heart for my own life and career.

Mikaela Quinn, founding publisher and editor of the Tucson Green Times and the New Southwest newspapers

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Life Work Transitions

Life Work Transitions
Life Work is a survival manual for the 21st century that successfully helps individuals merge their spiritual intentions with technology as a means of connecting to their unique work in the world. It includes over 200 carefully pre-screened career related websites correlated to the three stages of the job search process.
It takes the reader on a personal soulful journey of self-discovery and then provides a read map outward to the ever expanding and accessible marketplace.
This career and life work planning guide book and beginner’s guide to the Internet is applicable to people of any profession, age or gender, whether they are seeking full-time, part-time, self-employment or contract work.


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What People Are Saying About Life Work Transitions

“Extraordinary book that pairs spirituality and technology as guides to those seeking meaningful life work. It’s chock full of self-assessment exercises and Internet resources.”  -Jean Gaffney, Past International Vice President, Association of Image Consultants International; President, Gaffney & Company, Personal and Professional Image and Coaching; Past International Vice President, Association of Image Professionals

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