Book Summary

PUT YOUR SPIRIT TO WORK: Making a Living Being Yourself addresses the need for people who are

  • overwhelmed by choices; or
  • lack confidence in their abilities, or are
  • just plain confused about how to earn a living

The tools and resources included in this book will help people discover their internal motivation and life work direction. It also provides information on how to find meaningful work and thrive in the new world of work.

For individuals who are currently working but dissatisfied; or individuals who are in transition and looking for ways to increase their satisfaction through work, and finally individuals who have been out of work for too long, it’s never too late to discover and create work that has meaning and purpose.

Part One: Putting Your Spirit to Work in the 21st Century provides a host of models and tools for people seeking to earn a living in the new world of work. The models include:

  • Stages of Transitions
  • Achieving Self Actualization in the Workplace
  • The Stages of Career Development
  • The New Economy, and
  • Career Management & Self Employment Skills

With an increased understanding of the new economy. plus personal awareness of goals and strengths, individuals will successful learn to navigate the new world of work.

Part Two: Finding your True North

There are over 25 exercises, which when completed provide answers to the following key questions: What do I want to do? Where do I want to do It? Who do I want to do it with and for? And Why do I do it? (eg what are the rewards/) This section is at the heart of helping people create a Life Work Objective that captures key criteria describing the kind of work desired, the working conditions and the rewards

Part Three: Putting Your Spirit to Work in the Marketplace

And finally, the reader will acquire the necessary information to successfully create a personal brand for the purposes of resume writing, networking, informational interviewing and conducting research. The information in the book makes it easier for people to connect online and in person because of the specific steps outlined for conducting research online. There are also key questions to ask to gather significant information in an informational interview to know what to do next.

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