Summary of Skills Inventory

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Now that you have finished the Skills Inventory, you will see that some skills, perhaps even whole skill categories, will be either heavily or lightly checked. You will probably think that those skills most heavily checked are the most important for your future. Not necessarily. You may be very good at the skill but not want to do it anymore. There may be a skill lightly checked that reminded you of other experiences when you used that skill and really enjoyed it. Or, when thinking over a lightly checked skill, you may realize that you would prefer to use that skill but haven’t had much of an opportunity to do so up to this point in time.

Look over your entire Skills Inventory and summarize your responses in the form, Summary of Skills Inventory.

Verbal Communication

Non Verbal Communication


Written Communication

Training and Consulting





Plan and Organize

Counsel and Serve


Interpersonal Relations







Create and Innovate


Construct and Operate


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