Scans Competencies


Compare your skills with five competencies from the SCANS report. Are you well prepared for the future in the following areas? Rank them from 1 to 5 with 1 being “not prepared at all” and 5 representing “well prepared”.

_____1. Ability to identify, organize, plan and and allocate resources such as time, money, materials and facilities. They must also be able to assess human resources in terms of skills, evaluation, and feedback

_____2. Excellent interpersonal skills with co-workers and clients: teaching, persuading, selling, negotiating, responsibly challenging procedures.

_____3. Ability to identify, assimilate and integrate information; ability to interpret quantitative and qualitative records; ability to convert information of one form to another.

_____4. Ability to understand your work in the context of those around you, to understand how parts of the systems are connected, anticipate consequences, identify trends and anomalies in system performance, integrate multiple displays of data and link symbols.

_____5. Demonstrates high levels of competence in selecting and using appropriate technology. Use of technology to monitor tasks; ability to maintain and troubleshoot complex equipment.

If ranking yourself on the SCANS Competencies makes you think of some additional gaps in your skills, list them in the space with the your other training needs.

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