Motivating Factors


Check the five items you believe are most important in motivating you to do your best work.

1. Steady, secure employment
2. Respect for me as an individual
3. Good pay
4. Chance for promotion
5. Not having to work too hard
6. Feeling my job is important
7. Attend staff meetings
8. Having a flexible work schedule
9. Lots of free time
10. Having consistency in my job
11. Knowing my supervisor trusts me
12. Working by myself
13. Prestige
14. Growth potential with the company
15. Financial support for life long learning program
16. Being able to participate in the decisions that affect me
17. Knowing I will be held responsible for my own performance
18. Freedom to make decisions without approval from supervisor
19. Good physical working conditions
20. Up-to-date technology and resources
21. Chance to turn out quality work
22. Getting along well with others on the job
23. Opportunity to do creative and challenging work
24. Pensions and other fringe benefits
25. Knowing what is going on in the organization
26. Formal and informal company wide communication
27. The organization’s interest and concern for social problems (i.e. ecology, pollution, human service areas)
28. Having a written job description of the duties for which I am responsible
29. Being commended by superior when I do a good job
30. Getting a performance rating, so I know where I stand
31. Having a job with minimal amount of pressure
32. Agreement with organization’s objectives
33. Large amount of freedom on the job
34. Opportunity for self-development and improvement
35. Having an efficient and competent superior
36. The organization’s willingness to let me spend time working on community activities
37. Being able to problem solve in my job
38. Having regular staff meetings to discuss policy issues
39. Socializing with other employees during the workday
40. Other__________________________________


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