Creating a Life Work Objective


What do you most want to do?

Where will you be best supported physically, emotionally and spiritually?

Who do you want to work for and with?

Why do you want to work?

I want to use my _________________________________skills

to _______________ in a ______________________ company/

organization where my colleagues are ___________________,

my work space is ____________________________________,

and my values of  _________________________________ will be fulfilled.


Sample life work objectives:

I want to use my advising and counseling skills to help people with health related issues in my own business where my colleagues are other independents, my work space is at home in a newly renovated guest room and my values for family, autonomy, and helping society will be honored.

I want to use my accounting and interpersonal skills to help clients with financial planning in a small consulting firm where my colleagues would include a lawyer and a financial analyst, my work space would be cheerful and organized, and where by values of working with others, profit gain and recognitionwould be fulfilled.

I want to use my organizational and planning skills to efficiently manage employees and the production of new computer applications in a fast paced high tech company, where my colleagues are smart, laid back and lots of fun, my work space is centrally located so that I can always know what is going on, and my values of profit gain, knowledge and leadership will be fulfilled.

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abdulghaffar November 7, 2013 at 2:16 am

Dear Sir /Madam
please provide me with the best ansewers for the
following questions ,

In Your Experience, What One Skill Does a Project Manager Need to Succeed? _________________________

How Will You Put Together Your job? ___________________

Describe the most job you have done from start to finish; _________________

Why are you interested in this position? ____________________

What do you believe qualifies you for this position? ______________________________

Can you work actively under Deadlines and Pressure? __________

If employed how can you add value to the company based on your Work Experience and Qualifications? _______________

Details of your present work activity; ___________________________________

If offered this job, how quickly are you likely to assume duty? ____________________________

thanking you very much for your help
best Regards

AbdulGhaffar Saif


Deborah Knox November 15, 2013 at 9:44 am

Organization skills and the ability to communicate expectations to the team about responsibilities and performance. good luck.


Deborah Knox February 18, 2014 at 10:16 am

Well, I know it’s a challenge. But give it a shot!


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