Fantasy Work Day


Close your eyes and try to imagine the ideal work day for yourself. Don’t be concerned with realities – just let your imagination go. See if you can picture, in full detail, what you would be doing. Then open your eyes and answer the following questions.

You wake up – at what time?


You get dressed – describe clothes.


What kind of preparations do you have to make?


Do you have to work or do you work because you want to?


You are ready to leave for work – what time?


How do you get there? How far is it?


Do you do anything special on the way to work?


You get to work.


Where are you? (city, small town, office park, home, etc.)


Describe the work setting.


What kind of work do you do?


How long have you worked here?


What are your hours?


What do you get paid?


What are your benefits?


What level is the job? (professional, management, technical, training, apprentice)


Do you plan your work or does someone do it for you?


How do you work? (alone, in a group, contact with others)


What do you work with? (people, data, things, nature, a combination)


Describe some of the people who work in your area.


To whom do you report?


What do you like about your job or occupation?


How long do you see yourself remaining at this job?


What is the next move (job step) for you?


What are your highest aspirations in this field or place of employment?


Go back over each section and put an “I” for those you feel are indispensable, an “O” for those which are desirable but optional, and an “F” for those which are basically a frill

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