Factors in the Workplace


  • People Characteristics
  • Physical Environment
  • Structure of Authority
  • Emotional Climate/Corporate Culture

These are the four different categories of workplace factors to be identified. Begin by listing the negative characteristics from your past work environments in each of these areas.

First identify characteristics of the people with whom you worked, your colleagues and customers. Next identify factors in the physical environment such as setting, light, air, style and location. The next area to consider is the structure of authority demonstrated in work environments. The last factor is the Emotional Climate/Corporate Culture.

After you have gotten all those negatives off your chest, make a list of positives for each of the four categories in the workplace.

After you have created both lists, restate the negatives positively. Now you can prioritize the long list of positive values within each category

Out of your final lists of positives, select the top three for each factor.



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