Thank You for Registering for Write Your Story – Find Your Way Home

(PLEASE NOTE: please print this page or bookmark it to refer back to.  A reminder email will be sent out prior to the first class.)

I’m so excited that you have decided to join in with a select group of 5 other individuals to share this powerful but gentle program “WRITE YOUR STORY – FIND YOUR WAY HOME”. We’ll use the following procedures for the six weeks:

1. A weekly 90 minute conference call. We are a small group, I appreciate the commitment you are making to be there. As a result, the calls will not be recorded.


THURSDAY SEPTEMBER 17, 24, OCTOBER 1,8,15 AND 22, 2015
8 PM – 9:30 EDT; 5 PM – 6:30 PDT

Conference Dial-in Number: (605) 475-4000
Participant Access Code: 204552#


  • Schedule the dates for the classes
  • Schedule some writing and reading time
  • Create easy access to the conference call number

2. Facebook Confidential Group page – “only members can find the group and post to the group.” You can post your stories there on a weekly basis and read them prior to the group call. Please send your material at least 48 hours in advance so we all have time to read each others’ pieces. If you haven’t already sent me your Facebook email address, please do that now. Once I have received your ID, I will invite you to join the group. Keep an eye on your email for this invitation and join the group!!!

or join the Facebook Group here:


  • Join the Facebook Group

Once you’ve joined the group you’ll be able to post your story by adding a file on the Facebook page from your computer or your drop box. Each of us will read the others’ pieces during the week and be prepared to provide some kind of personal feedback by posting your comments on the Facebook Page.

In addition to receiving feedback weekly and giving it to others via Facebook, at least two participants will be able to read their written piece as a focus during the phone call. I’ll ask for volunteers to read their stories the following week. If you are reading, please do not post your story so we can hear you reading it. That’s a special kind of experience I think you’ll find.

I’ll ask you to read some part or all of your story (approximately 2 – 4 pages) and as a group we will share our response and impressions. We’ll schedule two per session and if we can fit a third in we’ll go for it. (Each story takes about 20 minutes to read and receive feedback). During the call we’ll also have individual check-ins about the practical and serendipitous aspects of the writing process from the previous week.

3. You will be receiving some simple forms and guidelines via email for all the exercises for the entire program. It is important that you open this email and look at the first assignment, which will be to set your intention for the group.


  • Complete Session #1 Pre-Assignment

4. Schedule and assignments for the full 6 week program:

Session One

  • Overview of Course
  • Drawing exercise and sharing
  • Creating spiritual road maps
  • Write about Childhood Spiritual Experience

Session Two

  • Read and share Childhood Spiritual Experiences
  • Share spiritual road maps
  • Discuss guidelines for next assignments, Adolescence,
  • And answer questions about Adolescence
  • Write about a Spiritual experience from adolescence

Session Three

  • Three Read and Share Written Experiences from adolescence
  • Share guidelines for writing about the Turbulent 20’s or a
  • Spiritual mentor, friend or guide.
  • Present guidelines for Writing Spiritual Autobiography
  • Share readings and or Spiritual Road Maps
  • Write Spiritual Autobiography

Session Four

  • Read and share other pieces on Spiritual mentor, Friend and Guide,
    or the Turbulent 20’s
  • Write Spiritual Autobiography

Session Five

  • Read and Share Spiritual Autobiographies 3 per evening

Session Six

  • Read and Share Feedback 3 per evening
  • Continuing the Journey and Exploration – Diving Deeper

5. First Session Agenda:

  • Introduction and course overview: Why do we write?
  • Participant introductions; history with writing, intention for this group
  • Review and discuss “what is ‘spiritual’ and what is ‘religious?”
  • Guidelines for class participation
  • Visualization exercise – safe space from childhood

Week #1 – Exercises

  • Drawing your spiritual road map
  • Writing a Spiritual Experience from Childhood.

6. Session 2 – 6 typical agenda

  • 15 minute check in
  • 15 minute – discussion regarding the assignment and feedback
  • 20 minutes – one participant reads and others respond with feedback
  • 20 minutes – 2nd participant reads and others respond with feedback
  • 10 minutes – Questions about next week’s assignment

This is so exciting to be offering this to a group of some old friends and hopefully new ones. I’m sure you will become an active participant and valuable listener, providing a balance of enthusiastic feedback, and touching, beautiful responses during group sharing, as we learn from you about your still unfolding spiritual journey – as you Write your Story and Find Your Way Home.