by Deborah Knox on January 30, 2013

Were you inspired or bored by the inaugural activities this past week?  Those ceremonies always bring out the best in me in terms of the mythic perspective. When President Obama asked what we the people want, did you have an answer?  My answer, was a re-sounding affirmation that “yes” helping others find their life work is my passion and it will serve the new economy and the new work ethic that is emerging.  That makes it of value to me.  Are you living your message in your career and life work?

James Taylor, a single solitary voice with a guitar for accompaniment, played to 800,000 people as he advised us to “crown thy good with brotherhood.” It’s not enough to have a vision of what you want to do, you need to be able to connect with others.  The future requires a new ethic and new services for the new America that is emerging The national debate about taxes and services and the reality of employment opportunities needs some serious and enlightened discussion. This can translate into new forms of work and earnings.

We all need to take action and responsibility for our part in the unfolding of this new economy. We can’t leave it to the “big boys” again. Are you doing the work you are called to do? Are you using the gifts and talents you were given and have developed over the years?  Do you have a dream you can’t let go of?  Isn’t it time to connect with our brotherhood and sisterhood?

A new economy must emerge as the old one is no longer working for so many of us. The great American middle class is shrinking and I for one don’t want to see that happen.  America and Americans have always been in the process of reinvention …and reintegration too. Boomers especially who came of age in a time of great creative cultural change, (the 60’s) are used to riding the roller coaster of excitement and fear.  And although our spirits may be dimmed and we are discouraged by the seemingly slow economic recovery, we recognize that in our own time, it is never too late. And so I for one, am glad to release the remaining crumbs of cynicism resulting from a greedy few that tipped the balance for a lot of us.  I choose to believe and once again have hope.

What is your passion?  Start now to find it if you haven’t already.  Inventory and own your skills and talents.  Most important, dare to dream again. Find others who share your passion. Your vision and unique contribution are needed now. Obama put his vision our there. What is yours?  What is your inaugural vision and how will you move towards it.

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