by Deborah Knox on November 1, 2011

Remember how we used to talk about having 1 – 2- or even 3 careers just 10 years ago? Now the concept of career no longer even exists. Work will be more transparent – people will have their productivity measured in new ways and your input will be tied directly to the bottom line; exciting huh? But one wonders HOW will they measure it? What do you think would be a good measure given what you do in your field?


With less time in the office you’ll spend more time communicating what you’re doing and why with the right people. You’ll be competing with people all over the world for the “job” and finding the right way to innovate will be the key to your successful hire. Contract relationships, outsourcing, projects and virtual teams will replace the corporate office.  You’ll have more freedom and power and that will make it more important to know what you really consider your meaningful work, and what will bring in the dollars. (not that they are necessarily different but most certainly at times will be)


What do you see as the future of your field? Where are the opportunities?

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