Thriving at Work

by Deborah on June 13, 2011

Today, I’m celebrating the life of a dear friend, who passed at the age of 62 from a relatively short bout with cancer. His wife has been a cancer survivor for 7 years, while he suffered a little less than two years, but suffer he did. He died in hospice by his choice on Friday, June 10th. Thayer took responsibility for defining his quality of life as regards his health and wellbeing and he was willing to take responsiblity to follow through on that choice.  He lived his life with purpose and intention

Thayer was one of those individuals who had the rare gift of devoting himself to his meaningful work. He lived his values through his work, and enabled thousands of individuals to remain independent and continue to experience as much individual freedom as possible.  His work made it easier for people to age.  I wish we could take that journey together. We were supposed to grow old together.

His business “Thriving at Work” inspired me in the past and it is again.   If we’re not already doing what we love, or following our passion, what are we waiting for? Thayer didn’t wait for any of us.  He was ahead of us all. I’ll miss him, but remember the twinkle in his eye, like he’d figured out a big piece of the puzzle by having work work with meaning and purpose – with work he loved to do.

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