THE POWER OF STORY – Yours and mine

by Deborah Knox on August 31, 2015

It seems more and more in this technology, social media driven culture that stories are showing up everywhere. In community settings such as Tucson, we have Odyssey Storytelling, and Writers Read that appeal to the more general public in addition to hundreds of writing groups for those serious  writers.   Even Oprah’s magazine for September 2015 has an entire section on the power of story.

I was asked in the group I was facilitating this morning, what are my desired outcomes /expectations for them from this group. Good question.  I’m hoping they will go beneath the surface of the details in describing a significant or memorable experience.  The details are what the make the story interesting – who is related to whom? Where does the story take place?  For the “listener” it is easier to envision with the richness of details. What does the end of the story tell you about the writer?

So, although the stories are best told with detail, I want you to discover what was going on beneath the surface. Where did you feel vulnerable?  Where were you strong?  What choices did you make about baptizing your children or not?  Or whether to even have children? Whatever makes up your story – the story you are telling yourself about your life, is what we want to hear.  How did you become the person you are today? I also look for the threads of meaning from one story to the next.  What is the storyline thread that best describes you, but more importantly,  directs your life today?

I want people to write, because I want them to remember the richness of their lives – the details of earthly delights if you will.  I want people to take courage from remembering difficult times in the past that leave them wondering “who else might I have been?” or “Wow, look at what you did, and how you came through.”   I want people to connect with that place inside themselves that feels like home, a safe place, a sacred place within where you feel connected – to your own story – and to others, and maybe something greater as well.

Whether you think you like to write or not –  whether you have anything to say or not –  maybe you’re ready to take a step to discover it’s broadening appeal. I’ll be starting two local groups here in Tucson and a teleclass for friends and family far away (and yes I suppose that could be NW Tucson!)  I’d love to hear from you if you’re interested. Or please pass this on to others

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