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Making a Living Being Yourself!

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It provides practical yet creative tools, tips and resources for how to:

  • thrive in today’s world of work, and
  • how to find or create meaningful work for yourself, your unemployed or underemployed friends, or anyone you know who is not feeling fulfilled in their life work. 

What could be more meaningful today than finding a way to successfully be ‘MAKING A LIVING – BEING YOURSELF. Help spread the word! There’s a new way of working and being.


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Hear what some of the reviewer’s have said:

You have touched on some critical areas that everyone needs to take seriously, i.e. finding a job that’s not a job but an opportunity that fulfills them; keeping skills sharp and learning new skills to keep up with our fast moving society; realizing it’s not all about the money but how change can have a positive impact on life and career.

Rosemary Smith PHR, CWDP
Pima County One Stop Career Center


I highly recommend this for any individual struggling to find their way in today’s difficult social and economic environment.

Lola Kakes, CEO and Founder of Effortless HR,
Author of If You Don’t Own a Circus… You Shouldn’t Be Hiring Clowns


For many of us baby-boomers who started our careers in a paradigm created by our father’s generation, it can be mind boggling to understand today’s work environment.  In Put Your Spirit to Work, Deborah helps us to not just see how things have changed, but to understand why the changes are beneficial to us, the worker.  Now is the time to embrace the changes and take advantage of the opportunities they offer to our lives.

Beth Schecher
Schecher Management Consulting


An absolute ‘must-read’ book for anyone who is experiencing a life transition

Mikaela Quinn, founding publisher and editor of the Tucson Green Times and the New Southwest newspapers


This book will be of interest to you, your friends who may be unemployed or anyone who is not feeling fulfilled in today’s challenging world of work.  What could mean more meaningful than finding a way to successfully be ‘MAKING A LIVING – BEING YOURSELF’

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