Self Employment Challenges

by Deborah on December 2, 2009

What’s your biggest one? It’s barely been 3 weeks since my employment situation changed and my position was eliminated. Thank goodness I was clear on my personal purpose as stated in an earlier blog, but also that I had so many networking and social media in place. I find it exciting using the technology media and enjoy it as much as the personal networking I love to do.

The biggest challenge of being self employed once again is the time management issue. I’ve always been good at setting priorities and getting them done eventually. But in the current mode I’m finding a tendancy to want to indulge in reading another article, or searching something on the web rather than stick with my commitments – like this. To reflect and write at least once a week on this transition from paid work via salary to contracting services (oh yes, while still looking for a job). And to start sending out email notices to former collegues and clients. That’s one of the self-promotional goals I set for myself and I find I keep putting it off.

On one level I’m feeling a need to get some closure with the fact that I’m no longer an employee. The issues of loss of community, and caring about the issues of concern facing the agency are needing to be met. In the transition cycle, I’m dealing with some appropriate feelings of sadness and loss as well. I’m scheduled to attend a large networking event today and think maybe being out there in my new role as a business owner has me little nervous as well.

The roller coaster of being self employed in an endless challenge. What are yours?

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