Self Employment & Career Success Skills

by Deborah on June 9, 2010

Note:  Since Self Employment is going to be the major means of employment in the future as the economy comes back, each of us needs to prepare for that reality. The previous 8 Career Management Skills and future Self Employment Skill sets will be merged in one significant  tool for your assessment and learning purposes. 

Creativity and Visioning #9

Ths is one of my most favorite skill sets and I deleted it from the original list when I started with this blog. (You can read about the full range of Career Management Skills in my book and you can also receive a free copy as one of the “get to know me” gifts.

Creativity is probably the most important skill set when it comes to being self employed.  You’ll need it to initiate new activities and to create a “buzz” of originality to your products and services.  And the creativity you garner at the start of a project will be re-stimulated again and again, so make it one of your top skills if it isn’t already.

Creativity & Visualization

The ability to act on something so compelling that is right in front of you

Intuitive knowing what can and must be done

The ability to initiate, develop and maintain ideas, synthesize, adapt and improve.

Rank yourself in terms of how competent you are in this skill area from 1  – 5,

1 being “not at all” and 5 representing “mastery.”

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