Self Employment & Career Management Skills

by Deborah on June 29, 2010

#10  Time Management

Note:  Since Self Employment is going to be the major means of employment in the future as the economy comes back, each of us needs to prepare for that reality. The previous 8 Career Management Skills and future Self Employment Skill sets will be merged in one significant  tool for your assessment and learning purposes. 


Time Management.

Time is the most personal tool for transformation.  For the self employed person, the use of time measures our days. We need to be efficient, but we don’t want to be driven.  We need to be relaxed but not comatose.  The continuum of activities that you and you alone are responsible for is overwhelming. There’s just so much to do, and how do you know what is important?  The best guide is to check in with our values to determine our priorities – and I’ll be writing more about that. But for now, let’s review  some of the skills you’ll want to pick up on the way while developing your business and transforming yourself.

The ability to develop a list of goals on a weekly basis of things that have to be done and somehow stick to most of it.

Being “comfortable” with the balance of time spent working “on” the business and “in” the business. (not too judgmental, but able to take feedback and correct actions)

Manage to accept there will be days and weeks when I don’t get enough done, but somehow I acknowledge what I did accomplish.

I regularly take time completely off from work, as I know it’s the only way to keep myself sane.  

Rank yourself in terms of how competent you are in this  skill area from 1  – 5

1 being “not at all” and 5 representing “mastery.”

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