by Deborah Knox on January 28, 2012

I recently reviewed a book Maslow on Management – which was a trip down memory lane.  Several decades ago, there was new information and models that would redefine the new world of work. There were hopes that the new workplace would be revitalized by employees with a different mind set, who would be self-directed, creative and able to comfortably relate to others. And thus the definition of self-actualization was born.

If you’d like to consider adding self actualization to your list of characteristic traits you will be setting yourself up to be an excellent candidate for whatever position you are seeking.  More than ever we need self actualized individuals in the workplace to be competitive and to create the new workplace as we become more competitive in the new world of work.

First of all, determine if you possess the following:

  • Acceptance and expression of the inner core or self  “Are you clear on your purpose and your values?”
  • Actualization of latent capacities and potentialities resulting in “full functioning?”  “Are you using your skills and abilities and do you have a plan for learning new ones in order to thrive in the world of work?”
  • Availability of human and personal essence “Do you have the energy and focus to be intrinsically motivated?” and finally,
  • Minimal presence of ill  health, neurosis or diminution of the basic human and personal capacities “Are you healthy in body, mind and spirit and able to successfully engage in the world of work?”

If you answered yes to the questions above you should be doing the work that you love and having it reinforced daily. If your responses were not affirmative I hope you’ll join me now and discover what to do to turn those “nos” into “yeses”.

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