Risk Taking: The Advantages

by Deborah on December 21, 2009

If you’re wanting to get out of a bad situation think of the possibilities of increasing  your comfort level in risk-taking.

1.Increase your ability to sniff out, sense or recognize an opportunity (often from unlikely sources) which is why it often feels like a risk

2.  Not having all the information about either the pros and cons requires dealing with ambiguity and uncertainty.  Life is not certain – learn to increase your comfort level with not knowing for sure. 

3.  Knowing that if successful  you’ll be pushed into a new window of opportunity for self expression of some sort and that can always be a good thing.

4.  If something really excites you and yes scares you – and you can’t imagine doing it or not doing it. That’s a risk.

5.  You know enough to do the necessary research in order to make an informed decision.  Know your strengths as well as the potential downside.  No matter what you’ll learn something and that’s all for the good.

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