POSITIVE OUTCOMES FROM Soul Path – Soul Collage and Spiritual Autobiography

by Deborah Knox on September 27, 2017

What is My Soul Path?  What is “Spiritual?”  These were the questions posed the first evening of our 3-day retreat at Ferry Beach Retreat August 20 – 24, 2017,  by the 13 participants. When we asked about people’s intentions for this sacred time,  the responses were heartfelt and sincere…

  • be in the flow with myself
  • become more comfortable with being and not doing/feel good about doing nothing
  • seek direction/passion and overcome anxiety
  • change career focus to provide more people connection
  • discover more about self
  • become more mission-focused again
  • face the challenges of living with adult children and/or aging parents… and last but not least,   NO EXPECTATIONS


We came together with a mixed bag of expectations and needs, and as people were drawn to select various images, they began to trust their intuitive voice.  Gradually, the questions turned to quiet reflection and meditation as confidence increased in their ability to listen to their muse.  Participants created Intention cards, and Source Cards as well as finding their Power Animal.

The drawing of a spiritual storyline brought the imagery into more focus as the trajectory of their life path was revealed.  We noticed how both of these processes (the Soul Collage and the Spiritual Autobiography) start off with an intention and then are followed by allowing the creative to take over.  Participants reconnected with their childhood and adolescent self and the stories they read were filled with insights as to their current challenges, including the willingness to be more authentic.  An early experience of aloneness for one participant provided understanding about how the need to excel transformed her inner self.   Overall deeper insight and personal revelations when shared, inspired all of us.

As the days unfolded and thoughts turned homeward, some powerful intentions were created for significant Next Steps.  Some of the lessons learned in response to the intentions listed above included:

  • spiritual opportunities exist in all I do – therefore, no more rushing or tasking, just be in the moment
  • the light and dark of the eclipse and time alone and with others helps me trust the natural rhythm of life
  • the creative process of finding images and writing about them is powerful – I want to do more
  • engaging in spiritual and creative practices on a daily basis works for me.

A wish for all of us on departing was to get rid of more stuff, the shiny objects as one person described them.  And to let go of the need to be an information junkie, by constantly checking email and other social media. Feelings of aloneness were temporarily replaced with the joy of being in a safe place for 3 days of deep discovery and sharing.

Gail and I were able to go with the flow of the participants’ energy and our own passion for the tools and insight we each brought to the weekend. There merging of Soul Collage and Spiritual Autobiography as compatible tools sparked more creativity and we look forward to providing a follow-up to those who attended.  I have deepening gratitude and understanding for the subtle but powerful results for others in writing and sharing their stories.  I’m excited about bringing the new insights to my “beginner” Spiritual Autobiography groups here in Tucson.  I also look forward to sharing the course through StoryCircle Network in mid-Winter. Stay tuned.

For those wishing to continue to deepen and understand the source of what you consider spiritual, you will benefit from exploring your storyline.

Happy Writing,


Dates for Tucson based – Crafting Your Spiritual Autobiography to Discover your Soul Path

Monday morning 10 – 12:30

October 16, 23, and 30

November 6, 13, and 20, 2017 

Tuesday afternoon 1:30 – 4:00 pm

October  24 & 31

November 7, 14, 21, and 28, 2017

Check out my website www.lifeworktransitions.com/events for more information and to register.

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