by Deborah Knox on March 4, 2016

February , 2016
Dear Writers and Creators
The amazing New Year has brought excitement, connection and manifestation of the seeds planted last fall. Here in Tucson, spring is in the air – 80 degrees and the Asian Pear outside my window is in perfect full bloom.

aisan pear

So often, I don’t remember to make the connection – between the seed planting and the bounty of such luscious flowering. The soil has been as active as I, although underground, and seemingly with no effort at all. Thanks to a writing friend here in Tucson, I was introduced to the great resource below. Now the power of Crafting Your Spiritual Storyline, can be experienced by you, in a safe and sacred online program.


Crafting Your Spiritual Storyline is a life altering experience of deep personal growth and awareness. There is a perfect flow to this creative experience as we blend the past and the present through sharing our stories.
I can’t believe how much 6 weeks affected the story of my life. Not just the egotistical rendition, but the way I now perceive the roles and impact of others. JP

Through the structure provided in this course, you can safely revisit the past and review the seeds planted in your youth. Moving on into adolescence you begin to view yourself as some what of an autonomous being as you deepen your self knowledge and awareness. Being in the flow also requires being in the moment, and the creative process established in this program will allow you to practice that six weeks in a row, as you wait for inspiration to strike and your creative juices to flow. And it always does!!!

To begin to identify and strengthen your awareness of your flow state, I hope you’ll spend some time reflecting on those times when you did experience the flow. In my weekly writing groups, participants are able to identify and share the compelling elements of that divine state with others, thereby deepening the awareness and the experience. Once you know you’ve experienced it, you may just choose to go there all the time. Process, flow, awareness – just stay in the moment.

I hope you’ll consider joining me this spring for the first online class. Check it out below!

The Story Circle Network…
for women with stories to tell
“Women will starve in silence until new stories are created which confer on them the power of naming themselves.” —Sandra Gilbert & Susan Gubar
“Writing makes a map, and there is something about a journey that begs to have its passage marked.” —Christina Baldwin

Meanwhile, the groups here in Tucson continue live on an on-going basis. And praise from a recent participant:
“Deb, you are an understated powerhouse extraordinaire!” JC
Happy Writing

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