by Deborah Knox on December 6, 2011

Hi – I’m really excited to be able to share information on this virtual blog tour on my dear friend Gail’s new book.

Her new book has some great tips, information and lots of support. Check it out!

Gail McMeekin: The 12 Secrets of Highly Successful Women

12 Questions with Gail McMeekin –

author of The 12 Secrets of Highly Successful Women and The 12 Secrets of Highly Creative Women

Is there an age group or demographic that finds particular resonance with your work, or does it apply to anyone looking to be more successful and more creative?

I am delighted that with the 10th anniversary of The 12 Secrets of Highly Creative Women and the brand new The 12 Secrets of Highly Creative Women Journal that a whole new generation of women will have access to these secrets. I have had emails from women (and men) of all ages about this book and my new book The 12 Secrets of Highly Successful Women. As life is a series of transitions and personal discoveries, people step into their creativity at different points in their lives. This books can be helpful for all ages from 12 and up.

It’s a difficult time economically and many women find themselves suddenly under- or un-employed. How can these strategies help them.

While the economy is tight, many women are tuning into the work that they truly want to be doing and creating their own opportunities. Women are starting businesses in droves and will be doing a third of the new hiring in the next few years. I teach women, in and out of organizations, to decide on a strategic course of action and execute it. In my books, there are lots of techniques for problem solving and calculated risk taking that are essential skills for today’s marketplace. Too many people are trying to hold onto old work models or outmoded, vulnerable jobs, and we all need to have our skills updated and a vision for how we can uniquely serve in the world. My books teach people how to tap into their creative ideas and make them a reality and prosperous.

A lot of people feel guilty pursuing creative endeavors – they either feel that there time is better spent pursuing a “real job” or if they’re at home, doing household chores or yardwork. How would you advise those folks?

Ideally we want our work to be a creative expression of our talents and our beliefs. We still have the myth in this country that people in the creative arts can’t make money. My books give examples of all kind of creative women who have “made it” and how they got there. There are more opportunities than ever for people to use their creative talents, thanks to the Internet, the global marketplace, and the ability to work virtually.  In every profession there is an opportunity to be successful but you have to be willing to do the right things. There are successful and unsuccessful artists as well as lawyers. My books have the secrets you need to be in the success camp. Creative people value their free time and if they enjoy gardening as a hobby that is great. Too many women try to do everything and that diminishes their success in their careers. We have to learn to delegate and hire wisely and focus on business and career development.

To see more information on Gail’s virtual book tour see Penguin Tales and Beth Tunis.

Here’s more information on her website .

Gail McMeekin

Thanks for taking time to talk with us Gail!

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