Life Work Transitions 101

by Deborah on July 12, 2011

Welcome – this blog is about helping you make a successful journey through your life work transitions – the in-between two jobs places (or see below for other significant life transitions). And I hope to share a dialogue  about the larger life work transition that is occurring societally and globally . The future of work indeed is changing and the results are showing up in how people  find work in the global economy as well as  locally  and of course, the actual  work there is to do. (more about that in the future!) A successful transition will be different for everyone, but finding and creating meaningful life work will provide you with your road map.

I’ll also talk about naturally navigating the waters of our ever recurring life work transitions such as geographic moves, divorces, new homes or the loss of loved ones. When we have been at home with ourselves for some period of time —  be it in a work situation, a relationship, or some other commitment – we can become very comfortable with that identity. But when one of those situations comes to an end, it is indeed our identity that suffers the most.

How can we make the most of our transition time?  I look forward to sharing the journey with you.

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