by Deborah Knox on March 13, 2012

Last week I talked about the fulfillment of one of my dreams.  I discovered in the process of publishing the book that the influence of others who were successfully following their dreams kept me going when I was uncertain. Have you been stopped in the path of pursuing one of your dreams?  Others can help, usually as role models or mentors, whether we ask or not.

My best friend – always wanted to be a rock and roll star – and at the young age of “50 something” she succeeded… well sort of. The truth of the matter is… she finally found her voice. But first she had to find the right venue and only then did the right partner appear.

This didn’t happen all at once – the path toward our dreams is often never a straight shot we learn as we get older. As a matter of fact she and her partner started several years ago doing a gig at some local assisted living facilities and discovered they had a blast as well as the receptive audience.  The more “The Party Girls” got up to sing the better her voice and her presentation. Finding and developing her voice as much as possible was really her life dream. Oh, yes, and always having a good time. And so I noticed she was happier than she’d ever been before. Consistently as she gave shape to her dream in the everyday choices

Her increasing satisfaction and success inspired me at a time when I wasn’t at all sure about the progress I was making toward my goal. We’d talk on the phone, and through her passion and unbelievable discipline (practicing all the time) even she could see the progress she was making. Every time I revised the text of my book, it was improved, closer to what I really wanted to be saying.  Practice makes perfect. And having understanding and supportive friends makes a big difference too.

Do your friends know about your secret dreams? Your passions?  Can someone give you the inspiration you need to keep going?  Look around. They are there to help.  Let me know if you contact anyone who has inspired you in the past and can continue to inspire you today.

My recently published book  PUT YOUR SPIRIT TO WORK: MAKING A LIVING BEING YOURSELF is available now, to help you fulfill your dreams while putting your spirit to work!



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