by Deborah Knox on October 3, 2011

Moving through a life work transition is like taking a journey. Your desired goal is of course to be employed again right? You’ve got some possible destinations in mind, but at the beginning of the transition you’re usually more focused on where you’ve been than where you are going (not always the case and we’ll discuss this later) But for now, the beautiful part of the transition is before you in the opportunity it provides to gather your resources together and see what you have learned and how better to position yourself.


The transition, hopefully will involve a review of your strengths, interests, skills as well as other resources gained.  It should also include a review that covers the values and rewards the project/job provided you.  Was it fulfilling and in what ways?  Was the compensation adequate? What about the people you worked with and for?  And what about the final outcomes – did you accomplish what you set out to do?  And if something serendipitous happened what was that?

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