by Deborah Knox on September 29, 2014

Sharing Spiritual Autobiography in a circle setting is a transformative and revealing – if not magical process.  Our intention is to write about our life experience from a spiritual perspective. The obvious but perhaps unexpected first question that arises is “what is Spirit” and all that entails? And specifically, how is it different from religion?


Hesitantly or confidently we share our deepest beliefs and they are met with respect, acceptance and most important of all, I believe, understanding and empathy. But it’s when we hear the actual stories, the personal vignettes, that we enter the reader’s inner world.  Listening empathically to support our intention we dig deeply into reflection and inquiry.  What is spiritual about her story?  What does her perception of events tell us about her values and beliefs?  What about her interpretation of it’s meaning? How is that like/unlike what inspires me? How have I been touched by this story? Have my beliefs shifted?  Has my perspective changed?


And what of the feedback the reader receives? Sometimes it’s hard to let that in, the process leaves us feeling guarded and vulnerable at times. But when truth hits home and your face bursts forth in a smile you know you’ve just been given a huge gift.  The best thing to do with that gift is just take it in and hold it. You may receive one of the rarest gifts of all and that is being fully seen, heard and understood on a very deep level. These gifts are not always what they seem, but their value will be revealed.  It’s all part of the journey we are on.  And now, we are on part of it together.


The period of time devoted to this experience is minimally 5 – 6 weeks.  Imagine committing yourself to consciously reviewing your spiritual journey and sharing with others, which at the beginning is often a group of strangers? Another’s story or an image will trigger a memory that will soon become a story you had previously forgotten. By week three, people feel like they are addicted to a soap opera. Each week the stories deepen, and we begin to carry those story lines along with our own, and somehow they become one.  Mixing the soil, the hummus of our lives and fertilizing it with our own loving energy we give to others so effortlessly, but can finally receive in grace from others.  Stay tuned for more information on how you can be a part of this magical experience.  Check my website and click on Events  for the next group.  www.lifeworktransitions.com.  


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