Greetings to One and All

by Deborah on December 9, 2014

Calendar-Cartoon-web-500If this image resonates with you, join in the fun.  Look forward to a new year with space and openness to explore your past life and discover your spiritual storyline.  Give yourself the gift of time in the NEW YEAR to harvest your wisdom with insight and confidence.

I’m thrilled now to offer a six session program CRAFTING YOUR SPIRITUAL STORYLINE, live in Tucson AZ. (and soon to be available for long-distance conference calls). More than 60 participants have shared their spiritual autobiographies and we’ve cried and identified with every one.  The writing is truly deep and amazing.

  • Telling your story through a spiritual lens is simple, engaging, and profound for those who choose to do it.
  • You will get grounded in your beliefs and that will help you make better choices in the future.
  • Remember and retell the incidences of significance  in your storyline that reveal your values and your actions
  •  Experience the intimacy and authenticity with six other individuals who are eager to listen and receive
  • Empower yourself.  Create the time in the new year to articulate your wisdom as you dive as deep as you want to go.

As 2014 comes to a close, (perhaps more rapidly than we would wish) lets all enjoy the warm feelings of friendship, love from our guides, and a feeling of deep appreciation.  And may all the space of the new year provide you with the spiritually grounded life you are seeking.

Warm regards,


To register for the workshops, email me at or call 520 529 6112

What participants have to say

SA isn’t so much about where we’ve been as much as receiving guidance about where we are going.

Reading to the group and receiving full attention and feedback is so valuable…   it actually shifts my feelings about my writing, which is a good thing and in the right direction.

We become “more accepting of the past and it makes us less fearful of the future.”

I liked the progression of classes- doing the time line and writing the exercises provided a good foundation for expanding and doing the SA.  I LOVED the handouts and quotes and read them several times.  They were so beautiful, profound, and moving.

SA has changed my life. By writing about my early childhood experience I was able to look at those early years in a different light.  I was finally able to feel the emotions that had been blocked for so long.  I have a new relationship with my sister and we actually are having conversations.

These classes helped me to balance my perspective of the ups and downs and helped me realize Spirit has always been there for me.   I gained a special appreciation for the young girl I once was.  It also helped me realize the influences that nudged, molded, and guided me through out my life.

I so appreciate the sense of safety and respect you created, allowing more of me to express. Thank you for this class. The depth of insight you provided was remarkable and the ability to have a safe space for sharing invaluable.

I appreciated the guidance and insight you provided. You helped create a safe environment for sharing and I esp. appreciated my classmates contributions.  I learned thru their life stories and felt honored and blessed to be a part of this special moment.  This has been incredibly helpful and fascinating and is a gift that ” keeps on giving”!

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