Fulfilling a Dream

by Deborah Knox on February 11, 2012

Publishing a book is no small accomplishment most of us would agree. And I believe that what I’m feeling is similar to what you will feel once you discover your own compelling Life Work.  Put Your Spirit to Work: Making a Living Being Yourself will be published in about a month, and I’m jazzed!

As I prepare for that event, I realize in some ways not much will change.  In other words, I won’t go from being anonymous to having 10,000 followers on FB overnight. (though I wouldn’t mind!)  What does happen is I feel myself moving from being not certain – to absolutely knowing… inside and out … that it is the best presentation possible at this point in time.  This knowing breeds clarity which breeds confidence and therefore new behavior is possible. It’s easier for me to do what’s necessary to put it – and me – out there, than ever before.

When we choose to fulfill our dreams and take the necessary action we open the doors to increased satisfaction, fulfillment and even more opportunities. It’s scary and exciting, but when you have the confidence and certainty, then it is all possible.  We certainly can’t accomplish this on our own, and next I’ll mention the people who helped me (it’s a very long list) I couldn’t have done it without them!  In the meantime, here’s a link to the summary of the book which will be out in a month.  I hope you’ll find it to be informative,  inspirational and most important timely!

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