by Deborah on December 30, 2009

This is what I call the “week between worlds” – between Christmas and the New Year.

It’s always been a time of introspection and reflection, and REAL down time –  reading books, going to movies, sleeping, doing NOTHING.  But there are always the expectations aren’t there,  of all that could be accomplished with this “down time.”


What a year it’s been and what a decade.  Nine years since I relocated from New England, and I spent 6 years staying grounded working in a local non-profit.  I’m nostalgic for what is in the past – distant and close.  Recently I miss the relationships the most, and the habits of working a 9 – 5 routine. There are parts of it I loved and parts I hated.  So, now I have the opposite – being self employed again.


We really only are self employed when you think about it. We are responsible for the work we do (and don’t do). We are the ones who make it up everyday whether creating new ways of doing things or fulfilling a routine that serves others.  We receive a regular paycheck – some benefits and there is a routine that defies description. (including the regularly occurring crises of the week!)  Some people thrive on that.


Not me, I’m more of a loner than I realize.  I like making it up as I go along and taking the risks involved.  I like being in charge of my time, my priorities and my life/work balance.  I’m staying on track; accomplishing objectives; getting feedback from knowledgeble people and trying not to be overwhelmed. I like noticing when I’m excited about an idea and can play around with how to take it to another level. And I remember what I love most about being self employed is being able to really have fun with what you do. Because there’s no reason not to do that.  Figure out what’s fun for you and get out there and do it.

Happy New Year Everyone!

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