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With Deborah Knox, Life Work Transitions

Put Your Spirit to Work Book Signing - Deborah Knox

Consultation VALUED AT $450.00

Available for you at $99 or win a free consultation

by participating in local Tucson Book Events & Speaking Engagements
(Tucson, AZ  September – December 2012 Events)

Deb Knox, owner of Life Work Transitions, offers you her professional experience to ensure you are on the right path toward meeting your career and professional goals. 


 Wouldn’t it be nice to have some peace of mind that this piece of your life is on track?


In her Professional Employment Transition Consultation
session you will receive:

  • Creative RetirementConcise but through review of specific areas and issues related to current job search or professional development;
  • Recommendations and action steps in 3 key areas of need
  • Critique of your resume and review of Linked In Profile
  • Follow-up support two 20 minute phone conversations



“Working with Deborah was the best thing I ever did for myself. She helped me focus my skills, my interests and my goals into a congruent vision I am currently pursuing. I’m so glad I finally took the risk to be more of who I really am.”

HC – Software Engineer

Maybe you don’t need a whole make-over professionally or in your career.

Maybe some simple adjustments will do.

Wouldn’t it be great to sit down with an experienced Career Consultant
and get professional input on the following important topics:

  • Creative Retirement - Life Work Transitions - Deborah KnoxIs your resume working for you?  (It’s your calling card and needs to represent you and your focus.) The time to create a resume is before you need it.
  • Are your long term career/life goals and short term action steps aligned? (In your work life and personal life, you will feel the benefits immediately in more focused activity)
  • Does your purpose and your passion (meaning and skills) get fed and used daily? (We need feedback and reinforcement to sustain our professional and job search activities)
  • Do you have the proper balance in your life now for the additional energy required to engage actively in an active new interest/job search? (Learn to conduct a regular review and keep an eye on “what’s next?”)

“Completing the process for “finding my true north” showed me how perfectly designed my life work vision is. Now that I am clear the next steps are just flowing.”

GA – visual artist

 Get the Professional Employment Transition Consultation – a $450 value for $99.00 for a limited time.


“I finally am doing what I’ve been wanting to do forever it seems. As a result of working with Deborah I now have the confidence and self esteem to easily move forward.”

JC – healing arts practitioner


Deborah is the author of PUT YOUR SPIRIT TO WORK: Making a Living Being Yourself, which offers a comprehensive career and life work planning program “FINDING YOUR TRUE NORTH.”

For more information contact Deborah at