Life Transitions

The brightness of the sun finally gives way to early morning darkness and later afternoon shadows. Here in the southwest I find myself welcoming the dark as never before. Maybe it’s a more truthful mirror for these days as the natural occurrences environmentally, politically and even socially may feel less than natural. May the love […]

It’s not too late to treat yourself! Consider joining us at Ferry Beach for the Summer of Love and our retreat, LIGHT UP YOUR SOUL’S PATH: SOUL COLLAGE AND SPIRITUAL AUTOBIOGRAPHY.  There are still a few seats at the retreat if you are ready to treat yourself to a gift of “self-love” which of course […]

I may thrive in the desert, but my soul lives in New England at the ocean’s edge.  Ferry Beach is a funky – yet beautiful, reasonably priced Unitarian Universalist Conference Center that occasionally invites in new workshop leaders to compliment its regular conferences.  It’s been four years since my dear friend Gail McMeekin and I first […]


by Deborah Knox on December 30, 2016

HAPPY NEW YEAR ONE AND ALL!!   THE NEW YEAR offers new beginnings and hope for our future.  More than ever before we are called to put our highest self into service. I’m happy to be offering new groups and new services to help people on their journey to conscious aging, loving and living well. […]


by Deborah Knox on March 4, 2016

February , 2016 Dear Writers and Creators The amazing New Year has brought excitement, connection and manifestation of the seeds planted last fall. Here in Tucson, spring is in the air – 80 degrees and the Asian Pear outside my window is in perfect full bloom. So often, I don’t remember to make the connection […]