"Yes, You can overcome
the nagging disappointment
you feel about your career and
professional life . . .

Start your journey NOW toward 
more fulfilling and meaningful work"

Take my

FREE Career Satisfaction Survey

and by the time you finish have some answers to the question:

Am I ready to create a sustainable, enjoyable life... and work?

Your responses to our


will provide you with information

to TRANSITION from being dissatisfied with your work life,

to start doing something about it.


"I’m offering this survey because I know the single most important factor in people making a successful career transition is their “readiness.”   I was trained by some of the original leaders in the field of career development and bring over 30 years of experience helping thousands of individuals make a successful transition to living a life of balance doing work they love.  It’s my passion and together we can discover yours!"

Deborah Knox, Career and Life Work Transitions Consultant.


The Career Satisfaction Survey will help you immediately:

  1. Connect with the emotions that are holding you back from a dream or pulling you forward
  2. Realize the role of procrastination and how to engage positively with it
  3. Allow yourself to believe in yourself again, or maybe for the first time, and
  4. Start to plan for working longer than you ever thought possible or necessary… and why is that? Because the world of work is changing and so are we.  We need to be able to find or create work we love that allows us to create a lifestyle that is enjoyable and sustainable.


To learn more about your readiness to start “making a living being yourself”, sign up here to receive the Free Career Satisfaction Survey

AND THAT’S NOT ALL.  For everyone who SIGNS UP, you’ll get a FREE 15 minutes with me to review your responses and get even more clear on what's next for you.

Thank you for taking the next step in your career and life work planning.

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