Career Management Skills for Success

by Deborah on May 24, 2010

#5  Planning & Decision-Making Skills

The 5th Career Management competency is Planning and Decision-Making.  If you’ve been employed by someone else, it’s all too easy to let the organization determine the priorities and you’re lucky if you can keep up with half of them. Being self employed is ABOUT planning and decision-making for that is the only way anything is accomplished.  The ability to be self directed is part of the Self Management Skill Set #2 mentioned above and equally necessary to master the new employment contract.

 Planning and Decision-Making Skills:


The ability to visualize, to plan and to set goals –

Establish a daily structure that encourages individual responsibility –

Being able to identify criteria for success and then review and readjust priorities.

Decision making may be the skill set that requires the most of us in order to master the new employment contract.  When we are clear on our priorities we can make the decisions pretty easily; but, when we’re not so clear on the plan or the vision and thus the criteria, we can wonder which way the wind blows.  The new employment contract can only handle so much ambiguity. Start planning and making decisions grounded in self knowledge. 

Rank yourself in terms of how competent you are in this 25th skill area from 1  – 5, 1 being “not at all” and 5 representing “mastery.”

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