Career Management Skills #7

by Deborah on June 4, 2010

Computer Technology

Computer Technology competencies may seem fairly simplistic in nature, but for the mature worker it’s an essential skill set to master.  The ability to learn new databases and integrate the latest social media is a key determinant of successful entrepreneurship. I learned to research an entirely new subject, create a powerpoint presentation and present a webinar within the first month of leaving my previous position. All new skills. (Well, I’d done power point before, but it was awhile ago!) Some of my friends will laugh at me listing this as a skills et, but I know how important it is and my mastery level is low, but functioning.  How are you doing?

Computer technology:

Knowledge and practice of online resourcing such as internet and email community accessibility, database management and retrieval, and word processing;

The effective use of social media – including accessing and updateg your information as well as posting it.

Rank yourself in terms of how competent you are in this 7th skill area from 1  – 5,

1 being “not at all” and 5 representing “mastery.”

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