by Deborah Knox on November 23, 2011


What is bullying and why are we hearing so much about it?  A local reporter found my blog on Bullying in the Workplace on Craigslist as a result of covering bullying among teens, and cyber-bullying, but this one was new to her. When I said bullying effects over 28 million Americans according to the Workplace Bullying Institute, she realized this was indeed an important topic. You can see the video Angelique prepared and the brave individual who was willing to speak up!

You may be asking yourself?

  • Have I ever been bullied?
  • What is bullying?
  • How do individuals deal with a bullying situation?
  • What works and What doesn’t?
  • What do you wish had been in place?
  • Does your workplace have a policy?

I will answer these questions and more in the next few blogs.  I realize now how pervasive bullying is and why it’s important for us to be able to talk about it.  We all have wounds from the workplace that need healing.

And now, I express gratitude for you all; my clients, my colleagues and my biggest fans. It’s a pleasure sharing and being with you all. Happy Thanksgiving.


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