by Deborah Knox on July 10, 2012


Knowing yourself as possessing a portfolio of multiple skill sets will allow you to take advantage of multiple career opportunities. In addition to mastering the technical and functional areas of your field or industry, there are skills for managing your career that you will want to know about.  Create a learning platform for integrating these skills into your weekly activities once you’ve evaluated your competency with each. Learning how to manage your career will help you manage the on-going changes in your professional life.

Rank the following skills from 1 – 5, 1 being “not at all” to 5 representing “mastery.”

Career Assessment – Today’s knowledgeable worker realizes that career management is an ongoing part of one’s continuous professional development.

  • You frequently assess and evaluate your proficiency with skills and knowledge
  • You create learning goals to remain current and informed.
  • You are able to identify, create and communicate with multiple networks from diverse areas for the purpose of advancing career opportunities and maximizing your resources.

Self Management – The personal is professional, and the more authentic you can be in terms of work style and personal values, the better for you. Bringing your spirit to work in the twenty-first century requires the ability to promote yourself through commitment to your purpose and your values.

  • You are committed to raising your consciousness
  • You demonstrate initiative and progress through adversity.
  • You work independently with increasing awareness of the larger community.

Interpersonal and Facilitation – the skills listed in this category focus on relationship-building in acquiring and maintaining work. They are also important in communicating with partners, vendors and customers across the board.

  • You demonstrate insight into motivating human behavior
  • You develop and practice team-building skills
  • You manage conflict and practice negotiation and mediation.

Project Management – Project Management skills allow you to work with others to get the job done and to partner with others in accomplishing results.

  • You are able to manage and acquire information and resources
  • You broker services through partnering and collaboration
  • You anticipate and practice troubleshooting and problem solving

Planning and Decision-Making  – When we are clear on our priorities, we make better decisions, but we also need a clear plan or vision and criteria.

  • You possess the ability to visualize, to plan, and to set goals.
  • You establish a daily structure that encourage individual responsibility
  • You are able to identify criteria for success and then review and readjust

Next week, we will review the remaining career management competencies, Part two. For more information, check out the exercise on my website www.lifeworktransitions.com. Sign up for my Free Employability Skill Set.

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