July 2012

(So far we’ve been looking at what you need to do and learn in order to navigate the external world of work. The following 3 resources will take you on an inward journey of reflection that can ground you personally, emotionally and spiritually in your career.)   You know by now that I like models […]

  I covered this topic somewhat when I introduced the New Employment Reality, but there’s even more happening out there in this arena. I’m so pleased to introduce the tools provided by the brilliance of Dan Pink. www.danpink.com to those of you who haven’t met him yet. Dan is the author of several books that […]

Continuing with our assessment of these important skill sets lets’ take a look at the remaining skills required to successfully manage your career and the change process. The same skill sets required to manage your career are necessary for being successfully self employed. Rank the following skills from 1 – 5, 1 being “not at […]

PART ONE Knowing yourself as possessing a portfolio of multiple skill sets will allow you to take advantage of multiple career opportunities. In addition to mastering the technical and functional areas of your field or industry, there are skills for managing your career that you will want to know about.  Create a learning platform for […]

The new Employment Reality requires not only the portfolio of skills mentioned last week, but also a better understanding of the career lattice which has replaced the career ladder. Individuals who want to get ahead will be on the lookout for projects that help them increase the skills in their portfolio which might result from […]