by Deborah Knox on July 30, 2012

(So far we’ve been looking at what you need to do and learn in order to navigate the external world of work. The following 3 resources will take you on an inward journey of reflection that can ground you personally, emotionally and spiritually in your career.)


You know by now that I like models because they provide this right brained individual with structure of sorts and a means of assessing where I am emotionally and intuitively.  I easily get lost in my emotions and whatever shows up tends to get my attention. But a good model, when re-visited occasionally can provide a wealth of information and assurance as well as guidance as we continue to direct ourselves toward finding and creating meaningful work.


I’m so grateful to Robert Ginn, Jr. M.Div and formerly affiliated with Harvard and Radcliffe for this presentation at the Radcliffe Career Services’ the 80th anniversary.  According to Bob: When we learn to direct our life energy toward achieving personal growth and vocational authenticity, we resist the loss of identity associated with joblessness and we stop wasting the abilities with which we are gifted.”  My intention on sharing this information is precisely that… to help individuals overcome that loss of identity which often results during the transition time – when we are in-between opportunities or to use the languaging presented earlier… between the Ending and the new Beginning.


See if you can identify the truths that you have experienced in your past, and where you might be now as a prelude to creating your lifework. You can find more information on the Nine Stages at my website www.lifeworktransitions.com


Stage One: Absolute Reliance on External Authority

Stage Two: Awareness of the Possibility of a “wrong” Decision

Stage Three: Substitution of the Process as Authority

Stage Four: Awareness of Multiple “good” Decisions

Stage Five: Emergence of Self as Decision Maker

Stage Six: Awareness of the Chaos of Free Choice

Stage Seven: Beginnings of Integration of Self & Career Role

Stage Eight: Experiencing Commitment

Stage Nine: Expansion of Self-Created Roles

I hope you’ll find this information valuable and read more about these at www.lifeworktransitions.com so you can see where you are in the stages of growth and development

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